Our Holiday Wish: Peace, Love and Mistletoe for All

When we got together to brainstorm our annual holiday card, we reflected on the tumultuous times in which we live. It seems that our world has never been more divided. We knew we wanted to send an inspiring message to all - a message of peace and love. So we asked ourselves, "What if we could put everyone, literally the entire Earth, under a mistletoe to encourage just a little more love in the world?"

We fell in love with the idea and set out do just that. Read the full blog entry below about how "Mission Mistletoe" achieved liftoff.

We knew we had a great creative idea for our holiday card. But no one on the team had ever done anything like this before. A space mission was uncharted territory.

Undaunted by the unknown, we began asking ourselves questions like, "Is sending a weather balloon into space even legal?" As it turns out, the answer is "no." The Federal Aviation Administration regulates this sort of activity in the U.S. If you're NASA, it's all systems go. If your name is Joe Blow, you're looking at a stiff fine and the possibility of time behind bars. But that didn't stop us.

Our research uncovered the fact that it's completely legit in parts of the United Kingdom. And because XenoPsi is an international company with employees around the globe, we even had teammates based in the U.K. who could easily participate. Our very own Ryan Downie made the trek to a dairy farm in a remote corner of Wales on November 21st, 2017 to join the Mission Mistletoe Launch Crew.

Once there, Ryan joined a team of experts to deploy a high altitude weather balloon tethered to a GoPro camera and a sprig of mistletoe. Like any high stakes mission, ours was fraught with anticipation and a bit of anxiety. Would the famously fickle English weather force us to abort? Could mistletoe survive the fierce stratospheric winds? Would our pristine white ribbon get soiled by cow pies? We're happy to report that our mission of spreading a little holiday cheer with peace, love and mistletoe for all was a stirring success.

XenoPsi's "Mission Mistletoe" was a huge success and was picked up in the trades. Below are a few highlights: