\Zee no Sai\, noun, [fr. Greek]: the discovery of the unknown

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Our entrepreneurial business model creates new frameworks for collaboration that generate success for both our client partners and ourselves.

23 years in business

100+ client partners

$70+ million in new client partner
revenue in the last year

6 self-funded, new-to-the-world
brands created

Growth Accelerator Discipline

Kyle Hoffman

Kyle Hoffman

Director of
Growth Strategy

Xenopsi Team Leads

Brian Russell

Director of Operations

Xenopsi Team Leads

Asher Chester

Director of
Performance Media

Xenopsi Team Leads

Nadeem Manzoor

Innovation & Analytics

Xenopsi Team Leads

Aftab Ahmad

Growth Marketing

Politics Discipline

Xenopsi Team Leads

Jennifer Holdsworth

Director of Politics

Xenopsi Team Leads

Khuram Noman


Xenopsi Team Leads

Bryan Bankovich

Creative Director

Xenopsi Team Leads

Asher Chester

Director of
Performance Media

Xenopsi Team Leads

Brian Russell

Director of Operations


MichaelAaron Flicker

President and Founder

Passionate about helping brands tackle their toughest business challenges, MichaelAaron excels at bringing innovative thinking to a variety of businesses, concentrating on start-up and challenger brands across a wide variety of sectors.

As a thought leader at the intersection of business consulting, advertising, and technology, MichaelAaron speaks at industry events and is regularly featured in publications such as Advertising Age, MediaPost, VentureBeat, and Chief Marketer.

MichaelAaron's approach to helping brands solve their business challenges originates from his radically independent and objective thinking, providing both theoretical and practical advice that efficiently and effectively gets to the heart of client needs. Rooted in XenoPsi's deep understanding of digital technology, his recommended solutions combine cutting-edge approaches with strategic business concepts that move KPIs and make a real impact.

As the steward of XenoPsi company culture, MichaelAaron is most passionate about nurturing talent and creating a thriving work environment. His goal is to ensure that XenoPsi is a great place to work and build a career. MichaelAaron holds a double degree in philosophy and political science from Boston College.

MichaelAaron has worked with many of the country's leading brands including Nike, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Chubb, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, ACE Insurance, Evan Williams Bourbon, and Hpnotiq Liqueur.


David Muldoon

Creative Director

David Muldoon is an award-winning Creative Director and Copywriter with a passion for creating advertising campaigns, building brands and leading creative teams. Having worked at ad agencies and in-house marketing departments, David brings a unique perspective to solving today's complex business problems in both online and offline mediums.

Before joining XenoPsi, David was a Creative Director at Maude, where developed brand campaigns, websites, branded content, interactive experiences, and social campaigns for clients like Viacom, Unilever, and Sony Pictures. David also served as Associate Creative Director at Digitas, leading digital advertising and social media campaigns for Samsung, Kraft, Cadillac, and Post Foods. His branded content series for eOne Films earned a Best in Category at the Adweek Watch Awards, and his work for Pebbles Cereal won FWA's Site of the Day and blazed trails with the brand's first augmented reality experience.

Over the last five years, David has worked with for Pepsi, Viacom, Unilever (St. Ives), NBC Universal, CBS Films, Roadside Attractions, Yahoo!, Starz, Outlaw Energy Drink, Smithsonian Channel, History Channel, and Heaven Hill Distillery.


Toni Racioppo

Media Director

Toni Racioppo is an award-winning media professional with broad-based experience in traditional, digital, social, and mobile media, as well as diversity and sports marketing. With over 25 years of experience, Toni has spent the better part of her career devising media strategies that enhance the creative and elevate the brand.

Toni understands that the most effective media strategy comes from a keen understanding of the brand and deep insight into the customer. Prior to joining XenoPsi, Toni honed her skills at BBDO, OMD, Zenith, MEC, Media Storm and The Halo Group. Over the years, she has provided clients with not just a more creative style of media, but integrated solutions as well. She has been a recipient of Advertising Age's B-to-B Magazine's Media Strategist Award, holds a Six Sigma Green Belt, and is a former chairperson of the AAAA's Business-to-Business committee. Toni has a BA in Communications from Fordham University.

Toni's vast experience encompasses successfully running the global accounts of GE and ExxonMobil, as well as the domestic accounts of FedEx, Macy's, Visa, eBay, Armstrong, Charles Schwab, Schering-Plough, Embassy Suites, Purina, Nestle Waters, Georgia-Pacific, Campbell's Soup, St. George's University, Empire State College and the US Navy.


Salman Javed

Director of Ventures

In his 14 years at XenoPsi, Salman has been involved in the company's growth by driving operations, technology, and expansion. His business and technology expertise includes organization scaling, project management, product development and corporate culture management.

Salman Javed recognizes the importance of social responsibility. He is a philanthropist supporting many causes from facilitating education for the underprivileged to conducting training on business to young professionals. Salman is passionate about ancient history and can often be found reading a good history book. Salman holds Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science and the Arts and a Master's in World History.

Salman managed businesses in different industries across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East and worked on projects for companies like Volvo, Canon, Maersk, Triumph Global, and Legistorm.


Allison Martin

Director of Strategy and Spirits Portfolio

With a passion for storytelling and a deep curiosity for culture, Allison Martin leads Strategy at XenoPsi. Allison thrives on unlocking potential for brands and winning the hearts and minds of consumers.

She works with clients to cultivate strategic brand positioning from crafting the most compelling benefits to identifying archetypes and establishing big ideas. Allison believes in the power of data and helps clients leverage research to unlock inspiring consumer insights.

Allison leads annual planning, working closely with clients to establish communications plans and develop campaigns that truly impact consumer behaviors. She collaborates across departments to ensure all efforts meet strategic objectives and align with positioning.

Prior to joining XenoPsi, she worked with clients in a wide range of industries including CPG, entertainment, travel, healthcare, and technology. Past brands include: Belvedere, Stoli, Sony/Columbia Pictures, Bullet Media, RockStar Games, Walmart, Sleepy's, Stowe, Seattle's Best, Cuddl Duds, Quickie Cleaning Tools, Weill Cornell, CogniFit.